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Haunters & Nightstalkers

Welcome to Terror in the Night Halloween Productions and it's latest creation, Monsters In Modesto Haunted Attraction! Our production company originating in Northern California with Cemetarium Haunted House, is spreading it's venomous vines into Central California. Our 20 years of haunting feeds our deep running roots but the thirst for screams and the hunger to haunt draws us to the nightfall of Modesto. Our resident clowns and freaks of all fashion lay claim to this maze but beyond those bone chillers our themes revolve every year. Monsters In Modesto Haunted Attraction with their creatures of the night, can't wait to meet you in the dark and whisper... BOO

Kids Mini Haunt

Monster Sideshow "Kids Mini Haunt" is for those to young to brave the scares of Monsters In Modesto! Monster Sideshow is a family friendly visual treat for the little ones and without the scares of our larger attraction! Tickets are just $5 each!

Kids Mini Haunt

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Modesto Gospel Mission

MIM Build Crew. Partial Proceeds to Benefit Modesto Gospel Mission.

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